Dive into learning with one of our expert teachers. Our goal as educators is to spur our students’ curiosity and allow them to learn at their own pace.



ACCEL scholars and teachers use personalized learning to allow students to move at their own pace. In turn, this allows students to learn quicker and allows teachers to target instruction to ensure that students attain mastery in all areas.



Teachers at ACCEL Day and Evening Academy will go out of their way to engage and inspire students to learn. ACCEL scholars take a variety of advanced coursework, including advanced placement and college dual enrollment classes in partnership with local two-year and four-year colleges.



Our Programs

ACCEL was chartered to deliver a student-centered education and instructional model.

Four-part instructional design:

  1. Success Seminars: Courses are designed to accelerate learning for students who are not able to read on an 8th grade level or master pre-algebra concepts, as measured by a school-developed, entry-level assessment of math and literacy.

  2. Blended Learning Lab: Accel uses teacher-assisted, online learning, also known as blended learning. Students take the majority of their coursework using the Apex Learning computer-based learning platform. This technology program provides students with an opportunity to progress rapidly academically through online learning. Unlike a traditional classroom where the student/teacher ratio can range anywhere from 25 to 1, Apex Learning offers a 1 to 1 student/teacher ratio or ratios that are substantially less than the average class size when delivering group instruction (i.e. 8:1). This personalized environment facilitates immediate teacher feedback, customization, and differentiation of teaching.

  3. Learning Studios: To deepen students’ learning and ensure that they can truly “think” on the content as well as see the real-world connection to what they are learning, students in each core course engage in a competency-based group project that integrates the key learning of the course and is designed to emphasize the essential skills for the ACT. These real-world projects will require students to apply the content learned through Apex Learning, reflect upon their areas of strength, and address their areas of weakness.

  4. College and Career Coursework: Students are truly prepared for college and careers in the Mobile area by taking academic and technical dual enrollment coursework at Bishop State Community College as well as participate in industry approved apprenticeship programs.


  • Advanced Placement Courses

  • Dual Enrollment Agreement with Bishop State Community College

  • STEM Lab, sponsored by Thompson Engineering