Academic Advising

ACCEL provides intensive structures and supports to enable students to be successful in meeting graduation requirements.
The following support helps ensure students meet success:


Advocate Counselors

Building upon the critical component of the Evening Educational Options Program, each student will be assigned an advocate counselor who will act as their primary adult connection at the school. This trained counselor will work with the student and family to address any barrier to high school success including health issues, family crisis, parenting, unemployment, probation, homelessness, and many other challenges. This counselor will be available to support students day and evening and will monitor individual student’s attendance and academic progress.


Extended Hours
and Support

ACCEL is open from 8:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. Students who are identified as needing additional instructional support and time on task attend extended learning sessions. This instructional time includes a minimum of an hour, but school learning labs are open to students wanting and needing additional time and support for up to twelve hours Monday-Thursday.


ACCEL Seminar Class

Students in the ACCEL phase have the added support of a postsecondary seminar class where students can receive tutoring in their college-level coursework, learn crucial organizational skills for college success, and receive individual support and monitoring by their advocate counselor to increase their likelihood of success.


ACCEL Mastery Program
(AMP) Support

AMP services complement ACCEL’s academic component by providing a variety of personal and youth development supports and life skills management services for students, including but not limited to:

  • outreach and student recruitment

  • orientation and engagement

  • individual and family counseling and referrals

  • case management

  • extracurricular activities

  • youth leadership development

  • academic support and tutoring

  • college exploration and advisement

  • preparation for employment

  • employment placement

  • support and guidance for postsecondary experiences


Intensive Student Support System


Case Management

Daily Attendance Monitoring

Individual Success Plan Development and Monitoring


Individualized Counseling

Weekly Counseling

Referral Counseling


Student Soft Skills

Student leadership for culture and school-wide norms

Student mentorship with adults