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What is ACCEL?

ACCEL is Alabama’s first charter high school, serving grades 9 through 12. It is a tuition-free, public school providing a next generation (NexGen) learning space. This innovative, personalized learning environment meets students where they are and puts them on a path to achieve their dreams after high school. ACCEL’s staff is committed to help students gain the skills and mindset they need to build the future they aspire for themselves. Every student will graduate ready to succeed in college and to be employed in well-paying careers.

What makes ACCEL unique?

Safe and Supportive High School: Unlike many large public and private schools, ACCEL is a small, safe and supportive school. Students will have the benefit of small class sizes and individualized attention by teachers and school staff.

Learn at Your Own Pace and Graduate Quicker: Focused, hardworking students will be able to graduate much more quickly than in the traditional public or private school. Students will earn credit as soon as they have demonstrated they have mastered the coursework and are able to move on to new courses immediately. This flexibility allows students to catch up if they have fallen behind or graduate ahead of schedule.

Rigorous, Personalized Learning: Students will take challenging coursework to prepare them for college and careers. Students will take courses in a number of different forms, including small classes with expert teachers, computer-based lessons to deepen skills, project-based learning around real-world topics of interests, college dual enrollment, advanced placement, and apprenticeship courses to prepare them for college and careers. Students will have the opportunity to personalize their learning by pursuing topics of interests and by addressing any individual academic skill deficiencies.

Flexible School Schedule: ACCEL will operate a non-traditional school schedule of both day and night classes to meet the unique needs of our students. Students who are at least juniors will be able to take classes during the day or evening. Freshman and sophomores will take classes during the day. School schedules during the day will be 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and evening schedules will be 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

ACCEL is an Alabama Public School: Students’ previous credits from a public school will transfer to ACCEL. Furthermore, graduates will earn a public-school diploma through the state of Alabama, which will be accepted by any postsecondary institution or employer.


Who should enroll at ACCEL?

  • Students who are not feeling challenged or engaged in their current learning environment and want a more personalized experience

  • Students who would like to graduate quicker from high school and begin to achieve their postsecondary dreams

  • Students who have fallen behind in high school, or even dropped out, and want the benefit of a supportive school to get back on-track

  • Home-schooled students who need an individualized experience


How do you enroll in ACCEL?

Complete the online Student Interest Form. A member of the ACCEL staff will follow-up to answer any specific questions and provide additional details that will assist in completing the application. Please complete the Interest Form immediately.

Since the lottery period has concluded for the 2019-2020 school year, ACCEL has very limited spots and will accept students on a first-come basis.

What is a Charter School? 

Charter schools are public, tuition-free schools open to any student who wishes to attend. Charter schools allow parents, organizations or community groups to restore, reinvent and reenergize public school systems. Charter schools are designed, tailored and governed by each local community rather than by a central bureaucracy.


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